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"Jono married me and my husband in August 2014 and we could not have had a better experience! The pre-martial counseling was awesome... super laid back but very impactful. He gave us tools for a lifetime and some great talking points during our meetings. He made the wedding day very fun and focused on the purpose of us all being there. His message during our ceremony was very personal and perfect for us. I would recommend Jono to any couple looking for a comfortable, warm, and fun environment to talk about their relationship." - Kate and Ryan

"My husband and I could not be happier with choosing Jono as our officiant! We did the pre-martial counseling sessions and he made us feel comfortable and confident in our life choices. The sessions were very helpful and further confirmed our decision to marry. The ceremony was perfect and several of our guests complimented Jono and said how beautiful it was. He helped us to create a personalized ceremony and our guests were very touched by it. We would highly recommend him again and again!"  Stephanie and Jason 

"Pastor Jono is fantastic! We had a "mini-destination-wedding" in August 2013. It was very intimate and somewhat casual. He had the perfect message and touched on all the points that were important to us. We wanted to find an officiant who wasn't too "Vegas". We wanted to find someone who had a healthy idea of what marriage means and how important it is and also someone who was happy to be there for us! Jono was that guy! We feel so fortunate to have found him! We would recommend him a million times over again!"

"Jono Shaffer officiated our wedding ceremony, and rehearsal, in 2009. We couldn't have been more pleased with his warm, comfortable and familiar way. We first met Jono only shortly before our wedding and immediately felt at home with him and the relaxed, open-minded way in which he viewed the ceremony. Jono helped us customize our ceremony and offered great suggestions and guidance. He provided just the right balance of spirituality, humor and love that we were looking for." - Cooper & Joanna

"One of the most poignant memories I had of the entire day was standing at the alter with Sam, listening to Jono's words which were so relevant and practical, funny and true, and inspiring.  We honestly both had so much fun during the ceremony and we will always remember how Jono played such an important part of our wedding day.   Many of our friends and family continue to say what a wonderful ceremony it was... and how much they loved the words he shared with everyone.  We couldn't agree more.  We are so thankful that we found Jono and that he was able to bless us with his gifts for a day we will always remember."
- Sam and Jill

"Jono is a fantastic wedding officiant!  He was considerate of all our needs, and really took time to get to know us, which was reflected in the ceremony.  He put both bride and groom at ease throughout the entire process and spoke beautifully about our relationship.  He truly made the ceremony special for us."- Sean & Helen

"Jono really took the time to get to know us as a couple and personalized the ceremony, making it our favorite part of the whole day."- Jesse & Kelly

"It was so meant to be that Jono officiated our wedding ceremony! He is a modern balance of personality, spirituality and humor. He's also well-spoken so everyone heard his message; and not just the two of us. Most importantly, he creatively incorporated a message about marriage into an acronym appropriately suited for us. When we find ourselves being challenged by the complexities of our marriage, we are quick to remember and remind each other what Jono shared with us. We look forward to having Jono renew our vows as our marriage evolves!" -Michael & Jackie Blackwell

Jono Shaffer,
Sep 7, 2010, 9:46 AM